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MedSpa in Enid

Whether you want to decompress, pare the pounds or rejuvenate your appearance, our medspa offerings at Enid Live Well will leave you feeling fantastic!

Theraputic Modalities

Service Description Pricing
Anti-Inflammatory Injection A dual steroid injection protocol that relieves inflammation all over your body. $375
Ultrasound This treatment encourages faster healing, decreased swelling and pain relief. Very effective for injuries, swelling and arthritic joints. It is also great for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. $30
Decompression Traction Release the pressure that causes radiating pain down your arms or legs, reverse a disc bulge without surgery, or simply undo the effects of gravity. This is great for herniated or bulging discs as well as for runners or other athletes that put themselves thru high impact activity. $30
Sauna Far infrared deep heating sauna with low EMF waves produces a deep detoxifying sweat. Infrared heat is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep, lowers blood pressure and increases circulation. $15
Suna Light Canopy Anti-aging and skin purification under red and blue and infrared light therapy- the most effective wavelengths for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of skin. The light stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone. See incredible results in acne reduction, wound healing and reduction of neuropathy. Suna also causes your fat cells to release the lipids within them allowing your body to release stored fat, speeding weight loss. Immediate reductions in both inches and weight are commonly seen. $30

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Specialty Treatments

Service Description Pricing
Exfoliating Hand Therapy (30 minutes) Sea salt exfoliating hand and elbow treatment combined with hot oil hand massage. This is followed by a deep heating hot paraffin hand bath regimen. $40
Foot Reflexology and Leg Massage A cleansing foot bath is followed by an exfoliating foot scrub. Foot and leg massage with foot reflexology points is then expertly performed. The treatment ends with a hot paraffin foot bath regimen. Leave with your feet and legs rejuvenated! $45
M’Lis Body Wraps Whole body exfoliation is followed by an application of a blend of pure and natural herbal contour creams. Gently and safely rids the body of trapped wastes. After this cream is applied, the therapist wraps your body with a surgical, clear material and you will be put into a spa bed and/or sauna where you will be able to relax or sleep for 45 minutes. Enjoy some downtime as you lose multiple inches and decrease cellulite while making your skin smooth and soft! $80
Add a Suna light Capsule session for just $35 more! (Save $15)

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Spa Packages

Service Description Pricing
Detox Bundle M’Lis supplements and detox diet plan combined with three Suna light therapy sessions, unlimited sauna sessions and one body wrap. $265
Detox Supplements Only $120
Weight Loss Booster Combine a personalized weight loss plan with a body wrap, 10 Suna light therapy sessions, unlimited sauna treatments and downtown gym access for a month. $375
Continue your gym and sauna access for only $15/month!
Personalized motivation, diet plans and accountability continues for only $50/month.
Continued unlimited Suna sessions only $100/month!
Single Weight Loss Booster Session Lose two to four pounds and several inches in a single Suna light session with power plate exercise, and a sauna sweat session! $50
Add a M’Lis Body wrap for just $60 more! (Save $15.00)
Bioidentical Hormone Optimization A natural way to optimize and re-balance the hormone levels in your body. $400 Plus Labs

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Treat Yourself Today

We’d love to meet with you and answer any questions as you begin your healing journey. Contact us today and we’ll find the right medspa therapy for you! We accept same-day appointments and we feature late hours.

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